Lacy Sietsema

Each Tear

Key lines: Every night there’s one thing I do/I bow my head and I pray for you/And the last thing that I want/Is for you to fall apart/Your future will get clear/I want you to remember/In each tear/There’s a lesson/Makes you wiser than before/Makes you stronger than you know/In each tear/Brings you closer to your

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King of Anything

Key Lines: You sound so innocent/All full of good intent/Swear you know best/But you expect me to/Jump up onboard with you/And ride off into your delusional sunset/I’m not the one who’s lost/With no direction/But you’ll never see/You’re so busy making maps/With my name on them in all caps/You’ve got the talking down/Just not the listening

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Wavin’ Flag

Questions: What does faith mean to you? How does your faith affect the way you live your life? What responsibilities and duties do you fulfill because of your faith? What do you see in the future for yourself, your community, and your world? What can you do today to help bring this vision about? Adapted

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Key Lines: I won’t let you turn around/And tell me now I’m much too proud/To walk away from something when it’s dead…Tick tick tick tick on out/I won’t let you turn around/And tell me now I’m much too proud/All you do is fill me up with doubt/This time baby I’ll be bulletproof Questions: What difficulties

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I Run To You

Key Lines: I run my life/Or is it running me/Run from my past/I run too fast/Or too slow it seems/When lies become the truth/That’s when I run to you/This world keeps spinning faster/Into a new disaster so I run to you/I run to you baby/And when it all starts coming undone/Baby you’re the only one

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You and Your Heart

Key Lines: ‘Cause you and your heart/Shouldn’t feel so far apart/You can choose what you take/Why you gotta break and make it feel so hard/You draw so many lines in the sand/Lost the fingernails on your hands/How you gonna scratch any backs?/Better hope that time will take our lines away Questions: What makes a hypocrite?

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Pop Goes the World

“Pop Goes the World” is a song about making change in the world and not apologizing for who you are. Key lines: We’ll start a demonstration/Or we’ll create a scene/Make noise from our frustration/Newspapers, magazines/We’ll turn them on their heads/You can’t deny it/For once/We’ll do what comes naturally/We’ll approach it casually/With no apology/For once/We can

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