Lacy Sietsema

“Sandcastles” – SPIRIT Xtra for November 6, 2011 “Sandcastles,” Kate Voegele, Gravity Happens, Communikate, Inc. Gospel Reflection: Sunday’s gospel shows us the wisdom of being prepared not only for the return of Jesus but for our day-to-day responsibilities as well.  “Sandcastles” is a song about the struggle to make wise choices for one’s life. Key Lines: I got these wornout red boots

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Violence and Human Dignity

How do you define violence? What violence are you exposed to in your community? Guest Post from Claire Bishoff in reflection of Matthew 22:34-40   Until very recently, I did not think much about violence. I was confident that my only exposure to it came through the occasional act of violence I saw in a movie

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One Day

Key Lines: Sometimes I lay/Under the moon/And thank God I’m breathing/Then I pray/Don’t take me soon/’Cause I am here for a reason/Sometimes in my tears I drown/But I never let it get me down/So when negativity surrounds/I know some day it’ll all turn around/Because all my life I’ve been waiting for/I’ve been praying for/For the

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Release Me

Key Lines: Come and release me sender/Come and release me/I will go/It’s the part I need to show/Come and release me silence/Come and release me so I’ll know/When it’s time to let it go/I want to know/Where the deeper parts of life will grow/I want to see/Where’s the deeper part of love in me/Where’s the

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