Sunday by Sunday Online

The future begins October 4 for Sunday by Sunday and for you our customers. Volume 30 will arrive not in a package but on your phone, tablet, iPad, computer — the device that works best for you. The new digital format fits and flows on screens large and small. Now you will find 52 weeks of Sunday by Sunday — prayers, gospel in parts, current scriptural background, and reflection questions — right in your hands when you want it.

Why the change? The costs associated with printing have become too high for Good Ground Press to sustain. Online delivery is an affordable way to continue publishing Sunday by Sunday. When we receive your subscription, you will receive a password. To log in, a subscriber goes to and logs into Sunday by Sunday, using the password. The current issue appears on the screen. A library of issues and a PDF for printing copies are also available.

Sunday By Sunday Online is a digital weekly publication that invites adults to reflect on the Sunday gospel and Old Testament readings. Each issue:

  • Begins with prayer
  • Presents the Sunday gospel and Old Testament passage in reader parts
  • Short reflections bring forward both scripture study and personal experience
  • Questions invite adults to connect the scriptures and their lives
  • Concludes with prayer and challenges to service and justice commitments
(Oct.2020 – Sept. 2021)
1 – 2 $25 per person
3 – 100$12 per person
101 – 300$10 per person
300 +$8 per person

Sample Issues

There is a Sunday by Sunday for every week of the year. Review these sample issues now!