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What a year! Many subscribers tell us Sunday by Sunday has given them strength and a way to connect with family and friends. Perhaps Sunday by Sunday Online has expanded who joins you in weekly prayer and reflection. Maybe you are connecting with family members at a distance in new and important spiritual ways.

We invite you to renew your Sunday by Sunday subscription for the 2023-2024 year. Our new subscription year begins October 1, 2023.

If you are a single subscriber, consider reaching out to someone to share your weekly gospel reflection. Many people discovered during the pandemic that weekly phone calls or Zoom sessions using Sunday by Sunday became treasured parts of their week.

We also publish two study books for ordinary readers to dig into the whole of Mark and Luke. If you sometimes wonder how the gospel snippets we hear at Sunday Eucharist fit into the whole narrative, look at Mark’s Gospel: the Whole Story and Luke’s Gospel: Written for Us.

Sunday By Sunday Online is a digital weekly publication that invites adults to reflect on the Sunday gospel and Old Testament readings. Each issue:

  • Begins with prayer
  • Presents the Sunday gospel and Old Testament passage in reader parts
  • Short reflections bring forward both scripture study and personal experience
  • Questions invite adults to connect the scriptures and their lives
  • Concludes with prayer and challenges to service and justice commitments

Sunday by Sunday is especially helpful to faith-sharing groups, homilists, campus ministers, chaplains, and RCIA/faith formation directors. It provides both valuable scriptural background and personal reflection questions, prayers, and rituals.

(Oct.2023 – Sept. 2024)
1 – 2 $25 per person
3 – 100$12 per person
101 – 300$10 per person
300 +$8 per person

Sample Issues

There is a Sunday by Sunday for every week of the year. Review these sample issues now!

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