Sunday by Sunday

Sunday By Sunday is a four-page weekly publication that invites adults to reflect on the Sunday gospel and Old Testament readings. Each issue:

  • Begins with prayer
  • Presents the Sunday gospel and Old Testament passage in reader parts
  • Short reflections bring forward both scripture study and personal experience
  • Questions invite adults to connect the scriptures and their lives
  • Concludes with prayer and challenges to service and justice commitments

Sample Issues

There is a Sunday by Sunday for every week of the year. Review these sample issues now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunday by Sunday

Use a mutual invitation process.  The first person to respond to a question invites another to speak.  The second person can comment or pass and in turn invites a third person to respond.  Continue until all have joined in.  Consider agreeing as a group to allow all to make a first comment before anyone makes a second.

Engage the questions that interest the group.  Questions aim at different age and interest groups.  No one group needs to talk about them all.

Almost anyone.  SUNDAY BY SUNDAY is ready to use.  A leader simply helps move a group through an issue.  Because SUNDAY BY SUNDAY is about living the gospel, everyone is an expert.  Participants can take turns leading.

Keep up with Sunday By Sunday through Sister Joan’s blog at

Yes! You can view a free sample online or request free samples in the mail.

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