Lacy Sietsema


Key Lines: I won’t let you turn around/And tell me now I’m much too proud/To walk away from something when it’s dead…Tick tick tick tick on out/I won’t let you turn around/And tell me now I’m much too proud/All you do is fill me up with doubt/This time baby I’ll be bulletproof Questions: What difficulties […]

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I Run To You

Key Lines: I run my life/Or is it running me/Run from my past/I run too fast/Or too slow it seems/When lies become the truth/That’s when I run to you/This world keeps spinning faster/Into a new disaster so I run to you/I run to you baby/And when it all starts coming undone/Baby you’re the only one

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You and Your Heart

Key Lines: ‘Cause you and your heart/Shouldn’t feel so far apart/You can choose what you take/Why you gotta break and make it feel so hard/You draw so many lines in the sand/Lost the fingernails on your hands/How you gonna scratch any backs?/Better hope that time will take our lines away Questions: What makes a hypocrite?

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Pop Goes the World

“Pop Goes the World” is a song about making change in the world and not apologizing for who you are. Key lines: We’ll start a demonstration/Or we’ll create a scene/Make noise from our frustration/Newspapers, magazines/We’ll turn them on their heads/You can’t deny it/For once/We’ll do what comes naturally/We’ll approach it casually/With no apology/For once/We can

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