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Online retreats give you a chance to look at where you are in your journey to God, to be more aware of your journey, and of the loving God with whom you journey.

Completely free resources for you to print and use at home, school, or in your parish.

Social Justice Resources: “Participate in action for justice. Recognize that what disturbs you may be something you can use your gifts to change. Find others who share your concerns. Take action. Write a letter. Propose change. Gather a petition. Meet with people who disagree. Do all you can to make our world just for all…” from SPIRIT Vol. 23 #3

Check back daily for prayers from various traditions.

A short reflection on the weekly Gospel, prepared each week by Sister Joan.

Check out and for even more! A collaboration between Good Ground Press and the Pflaum Publishing Group, publishers of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies, Gospel for All Ages offers free resources on creating whole community catechesis.

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