True Colors

Key lines: You with the sad eyes/Don’t be discouraged/Oh I realize/It’s hard to take courage/In a world full of people/You can lose sight of it all/And darkness still inside you/Make you feel so small/But I see your true colors/Shinin’ through/I see your true colors/And that’s why I love you/So don’t be afraid to let them show/Your true colors/True colors are beautiful/Like a rainbow

Questions: When has someone judged you unfairly? How did it feel? Have you unfairly judged someone else? How did you get to know this person’s “true colors” instead? What groups of people are on the margins of society today as tax collectors were in Jesus’ time? What examples does Jesus set for us in how to reach out to outsiders?

Adapted from SPIRIT Xtra 2010-2011 by Anna Zaros

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