“Something So,” SPIRIT Xtra for December 4, 2011


“Something So,” Atmosphere, The Family Sign, Rhymesayers

Gospel Reflection: As John the Baptist comes to prepare the way for Jesus, he lets those who follow him know that he is not the Messiah but simply a person like they are. As followers of Jesus, we may struggle with fears of our human imperfection. But as the hip-hop group Atmosphere shows us, even if we don’t feel qualified, we need to sing on anyway.

Key Lines: Clear the path, these tears I have are ’cause I can’t wait to hear you laugh/They tell me that, I’m not qualified/To lend my voice to something so beautiful/They tell me that, I’m not qualified/To lend my voice, to something so beautiful

Questions: When have you felt inadequate? Who can you ask for help? How easy or difficult is it for you to ask for help? Why? What kind of message do you want your life to send? What do you need to clear out of your life to make a path for God?

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