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Sunday by Sunday Online Lent Unit

Nothing beats sharing the Gospel message with friends and family, especially during Lent. Our special price for the eight Lent/Easter issues is only $5.00 per person. To order call Lacy at 800-232-5533 or order online.

SPIRIT Online Lent Issues

Give your teens SPIRITSPIRIT Online has an issue for each of the Sundays of Lent, and for Easter. These 4-page lessons center on the gospels, connecting teens’ life experiences with Jesus’ message. SPIRIT is online, so each teen gets an access code to use on a phone or tablet. Or you can print out the issues for class use. Nobody does Lent better than SPIRIT. Only $5.00 per person. To order call Lacy at 800-232-5533 or order online.

Luke’s Gospel: Written For Us

Increase your understanding of Luke’s powerful Lenten parables: the prodigal son, the woman taken in adultery, the tree that doesn’t bear fruit. His themes of justice for the poor, a voice for women, and second chances for everyone resonate with our own experiences.

Sister Joan’s book—Luke’s Gospel: Written for Us—is ideal for the ordinary reader, for Bible study and faith-sharing groups, and for homilists. Its nine chapters and reflection questions invite readers to reflect on how we can answer Luke’s call to be witnesses to Jesus in our world. Read sample chapters and order online.

Holy Women of Luke’s Gospel

Meet, reflect, and pray with the women of Luke’s gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, inspiring women of faith, disciples who follow Jesus from the first, whose tables become house churches. Sister Joan and Sister Ansgar collaborate to bring you the women’s stories in word and art. This book is ideal for sharing in small groups and families. Read sample chapters and order online.

Free Resources

Download and Print these free Lenten resources.

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