Sunday by Sunday for Advent – Single Subscription


The best way to pray in Advent is with the Church. John the Baptist and Isaiah the prophet give us words to hail God with us, Jesus, whom we celebrate at Christmas. Click on the links below to read sample issues.

1st Sunday of Advent

2nd Sunday of Advent

If you are not already a Sunday by Sunday subscriber, we suggest getting our Advent/Christmas issues this year. You can order just for yourself or to share with a small group — your book club, lunch friends, or faith-circle. Read the sample copies below to see how Sunday by Sunday can bring you to Advent prayer. Sunday by Sunday is online. You can take it with you everywhere and read it on your computer, laptop, or phone.

If you like our Advent issues, you’ll love our other Sunday by Sundays. Purchase a full-year subscription for a one-time cost of only $25! Call Lacy at 800-232-5533 to place your order over the phone or order online here.



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