Icebreakers for Teen Groups


NEW SECOND EDITION! 50 Icebreaking activities save planning time and guarantee fun with a purpose — to introduce, challenge, energize, and reflect on diversity.

Icebreakers for Teen Groups
by Chris Tures and Therese Sherlock, CSJ

Icebreakers break down social barriers between teens and help them know one another. What’s more, they are fun and energizing. This new edition (published October 2010) has 19 new activities and 31 tried and true.

These introductions activities range from the simple – Name Tags and Hot Beach Ball – to the more involving – Human Bingo and The Blanket of Mystery – to the tasty – the M&M Game and Candy Matching.

Put ICEBREAKERS in your teens’ hands and let them be responsible for this part of your session time.

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