Part 1

You have the wings of longing. 
You know the pull of hope.
You feel the flowing of desire.
So why not soar?

Four short lines.   Easy to read.  Easy even to study.  Begin your retreat by giving yourself a moment to close your eyes and breathe in and breathe out for a moment or two.  Feel your body expand and relax.  Let your mind go to the source that calms you and makes you feel safe—God, the angels, your family saints, a beautiful place.

Follow the directions below.  Take as much or as little time as feels good.  Be ready for feelings of delight.

thumbnail of WhyNotSoarRetreat

In each of the first three lines of the poem the subject is YOU.  Name the you that you bring today.  Tired you.  Anxious you.  Hopeful you.  Wanting you.  Bless that you.  You are unique in God’s eyes, the only you there is.  Love the you as God loves you, as your family saints love you, as the angels see you. 

Read the three lines aloud, noticing the action words—longing, pull, flowing.  Find the Holy Spirit in these action words.  Longing for you.  Pulling you to keep on.  Witnessing the flowing of who you are.  Let yourself dwell in these words until you recognize they are you.

Try the nouns.  Wings, hope, desire.  Close your eyes again and see the images each word suggests.

  • Wings  Angels, birds, flying.  Where have wings taken you? How do you imagine yourself above the earth, flying?   What do you see?  What does it feel like?   “I feel ______.”
  • Hope  Gentle, daring, brave.  To whom do you express your hope?  How do you imagine your hope coming true?  Who hopes with you?
  • Desire  Something forbidden or something from God?   Desire asks us to respond.  Name a desire you have.  Where does your desire take you?  How is it part of the you God made and loves?

Read the sentences again, slowly.  Then answer the poet’s question as best you can.  Why not soar?

Close your retreat time by thanking everyone who was with you today.