Holy Women, Full of Grace

This retreat invites you to sit with some of the women of the gospel.  It will use pages from Sister Joan Mitchell’s new book, Holy Women, Full of Grace, which is illustrated by Sister Ansgar Holmberg.  The retreat brings only four of the holy women in this book to the forefront.  Please go to goodgroundpress.com if you wish to purchase the book.

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It is important to recognize that when you make this online retreat you become a member of a virtual community.  Other women and men whom you probably do not know are doing the same thing.  The very act of sharing something this intimate unites you.  In praying with the lives of these gospel women you are also praying the lives of all women and girls.

Be alert to words or phrases in the readings or prayers that attract you and give you life.  Stay also with the words that you resist.  Both of these responses mirror something that is in you.  What is the attraction or resistance telling you?  What do you hear?

Then forget about yourself and lift your heart in prayer.  You might want to create a mantra out of a part of the retreat that you can carry with you and repeat frequently during the day or week.   It may become a refuge and a source of strength for you.

Blessings on your time here.

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