Music and the Gospel: “Fabulous,” Ally Brooke – 1st Sunday of Lent

Some relationships bring out the best in us; we learn compassion and forgiveness. Friendships help us grow. Some relationships challenge our values and sense of who we are and want to be. Ally Brooke’s song “Fabulous” pushes back against falling for peer pressure. It’s about embracing our own self-worth and not settling for relationships that make us question ourselves or feel less.

Key lines: In my past / I put my heart in someone else’s hands / Let everybody tell me who I am (ooh, ooh, ooh) / But now I understand / That if I’m gonna love someone (one) / I’m just gonna love myself (self) / I already know I’m fabulous / I don’t need no one else (no one else)

Questions: What values do you look for in relationships? What challenges do young people face in making friends? How do you resolve the challenges? What keeps you centered when facing the demands of others? What does loving someone mean?