“Secrets,” SPIRIT Xtra for February 19, 2012

“Secrets,” OneRepublic, Waking Up, Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Gospel Reflection: Jesus forgives sins. We have the power to forgive each other for our mistakes, hurts, and slights. But sometimes, fear or shame can keep us from asking for or granting forgiveness. The song ‘Secrets’ is about letting go of these negative emotions and being truthful about our lives.

Key Lines: insincere/So I’m gonna give all my secrets away/This time, don’t need another perfect lie/Don’t care if critics never jump in line/I’m gonna give all my secrets away

Questions: Why do people keep secrets? Why is it hard to ask for forgiveness? What can be gained from asking for forgiveness? How does keeping secrets stand in the way of reconciliation? How is telling the truth connected to forgiveness?

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