Facebook, Google and a multitude of Global Positioning Systems make it almost impossible for people to be anonymous today.  Websites and articles at our fingertips can prove or disprove almost every mystery we encounter. We share information with people we don’t even know.

Maybe that is why the story of the Magi is so enthralling.  It is a symbolic journey of faith animated by a star, confirmed by those who know Israel’s history.  It’s a treasure hunt of sorts.  What is the prize under the X?  A family circle–a child and its parents.  

Most of us are too skeptical for a story like this. A great thing about being human is that we can always change.  Conversion, turning away from and turning toward, is a capacity we have.  We can become more and respond to mystery.  We simply have to pay attention, see the star that is calling us, find some traveling companions, and set out.  The divine awaits on every horizon.


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