“Human,” SPIRIT Xtra for December 18th, 4th Sunday of Advent

“Human,” The Killers, Day & Age, Island Def Jam Music Group

Gospel Reflection: God finds surprising ways into our world, such as Mary’s choice to become Jesus’ mother and birth him into our world.  While God’s call confuses Mary, she takes a risk and chooses to participate in God’s plan.  The song “Human” by The Killers deals with questions of fear, faith, confusion and risk.

Key Lines:  And sometimes I get nervous/When I see an open door/Close your eyes, clear your heart/Cut the cord/Are we human or are we dancer?/My sign is vital, my hands are cold/And I’m on my knees looking for the answer/Are we human or are we dancer?

Questions: What makes you feel connected to God? What musicians or artists help make you aware of God’s presence? Have you ever been surprised by God’s work in your life? What risks do you take when you welcome Jesus into your life, as Mary did?

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