You and Your Heart

Key Lines: ‘Cause you and your heart/Shouldn’t feel so far apart/You can choose what you take/Why you gotta break and make it feel so hard/You draw so many lines in the sand/Lost the fingernails on your hands/How you gonna scratch any backs?/Better hope that time will take our lines away

Questions: What makes a hypocrite? What leaders in our world today have acted as hypocrites at times? How can we hold them accountable? In what ways can we help them work toward peace?

Adapted from SPIRIT Xtra Part 1, 2010-2011, by Anna Zaros

1 thought on “You and Your Heart”

  1. We we’re talking about this at home last night — how hypocritical it is to be mean to others that you don’t agree with.

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are historically interconnected, yet today people of these faiths fight one another because of their differences instead of finding common ground. Click here to read more about their histories.

    In my daily life I have friends who practice all these religions. What if more people did that. Would it help?

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