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Each week SPIRIT connects a popular song with the Gospel theme and the SPIRIT lesson. A video, key lyrics, and thought-provoking questions will be on the website and blog each week. Below is the Spirit Xtra for the October 8, 2017 issue.

Decisions we make can stay with us and sometimes define us for the rest of lives. Some choices seem so clear that we forget we made them. Other choices demand time to weigh the pros and cons of our actions, the positive or negative ways the choices affect other people. Occasionally, someone (a friend, a parent) will insist that we don’t have a choice. But don’t we always have a choice? Skip Marley’s song “Calm down” is about taking a step back and thinking about whether a decision is worth getting worked up about.

Key Lyrics: I thought we figured out how not to spill blood / I thought we figured out to walk away / I thought we found that love was not a failure / Decided that the sea would have no waves / …..And we get worked up for nothing, yeah / I get worked up and they get worked up / And we get worked up for what? / …Calm down, oh, calm down

Questions: What decisions do you make on a daily basis? When have you felt pressure to choose to act in a way you didn’t want to do? How does stepping back and thinking about a choice help? What prejudices do you see in your school or community? How can you create a more welcoming environment?

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