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Lent draws teens into its traditions and connects them with family, Church, and community. Build on their love of Lent by immersing them in the memorable gospels of the season.

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Lent 2020:

A Call to Newness

“Use the eyes God gave you!” How many of us heard that from our moms and dads when we tripped over something. This Lent we offer you a way to use your eyes on the Sunday gospels of Lent.

Sister Joan and Sister Ansgar have created a visual way into the gospels. View a sample page. Consider gathering a group of friends to use this booklet together. “Where two or three are gathered, I will be there with them,” Jesus says.

It is 12 pages and only $5.00. Order online.

Lent Gospel Posters

Keep the Lenten call to Easter newness before your eyes. Display these 12″ x 18″ Lenten gospel posters in church and school. Use in small groups to stimulate viseo divina.

One set of five Lenten gospel posters $25. Order online.

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