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Easter Sunday

Easter the word means dawn, the hour of Jesus’ resurrection, the first light of a new promise that there is a road through death to life and Jesus walked it. Easter is springtime, white lilies, grass greening, warming days, new fire spreading, Christians’ candles lighting up the night. Easter is the slow dawning in each

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What makes holy families today?

Gospel Reflection for December 27, 2020 – Holy Family The three verses of Sunday’s gospel in its short form tell us that the holy family — Joseph, Mary, and their child, Jesus — belonged to a people. They are not an isolated, nomadic unit or just a nuclear family but part of a larger religious

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Who is greatest among Christians?

A mosaic honors the apostle Paul in Berea near Thessalonika in Greece. Jesus continues to teach in the temple courts, no longer confronting temple officials or other teachers but talking to his own disciples. Jesus praises the scribes and Pharisees with a critical twist. “Do and observe everything they tell you,” Jesus urges his disciples,

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