Music and the Gospel: “Know Your Worth,” Khalid, ft. Disclosure – 2nd Sunday of Lent

In the transfiguration gospel this Sunday, Jesus reveals who he is more fully to Peter, James, and John. The vision, which hints at Jesus’ resurrection, scares, confuses, and amazes the three disciples. Fear can cause us to hide our true selves from those around us. It can keep us from recognizing who someone else really is; it can prevent us from reaching out to others and affirming them. The song “Know Your Worth” is about reaching out to others, letting them know that we see them and that they are worth every effort, every kindness, every success.

Key lines: He keeps leaving you for dead / I don’t know what you been waiting for / So you’ve got your love locked up instead / But somethin’ better’s waitin’ at your door / You don’t know your worth / All the things I know that you deserve / Say it’s not real if it doesn’t hurt / Find someone you know will put you first / Find someone who loves you at your worst / Gotta keep, gotta keep, gotta keep your head up

Questions: What do you risk when you speak your truth? What can you do to reach out to others who stay apart? Who offers help to young people who need support or perhaps counseling? When has someone else affirmed you and made a transforming difference?