Music and the Gospel: “Truth To Power,” OneRepublic

Not all the people in our communities and nation have the same access to education, healthcare, and justice. This week’s SPIRIT spotlights Appalachia and the effects of mountaintop mining. The song “Truth to Power” was written from the viewpoint of Mother Earth, how she sees us and how our actions affect each other and the planet. It is ultimately a call to action. We cannot close our eyes to the plight of our environment and the people in our midst who are poor and defenseless. We are all in this world together.

Lyrics: I could tell you I was ageless / But I know you see the light / I could tell you I’m immune to everything / But that’s a lie / Dust don’t turn to flowers / Skies don’t disappear / But I’ve seen truth turn to power / If you could feel me the way I feel you / You’d be a believer

Questions: When have you closed your eyes to a problem in your community or school? When have you opened your eyes to a problem? What did you learn or do about it? What duties does government have for the people it serves? How do you balance serving God and following the laws of our country? What issues make you struggle to answer?