Opening Prayer

Include a bowl of water, plant, and three candles in your environment.

CANDLE 1: (Light first candle.) I light a light to praise God who shares divinity with us

ALL: God is above and beyond us, beneath and behind us.

CANDLE 2: (Light second candle.) I light a light to praise God, who shares humanity with us.

ALL: God is with us and among us, beside and before us.

CANDLE 3: (Light third candle.) I light a light to praise the God who gives us life, unsettles, and inspires us.

ALL: God is around and within us, here and now.

LEADER: Today we celebrate Jesus’ baptism and the beginning of his mission. He is not alone but in the embrace of the three who live in one love.

ALL: Free us from all that separates us from communion in God.

LEADER: Let us make the Sign of the Cross with the water or sprinkle ourselves to remember our baptism commitment to Jesus’ mission. (Pass bowl.)

LEADER: In Christ we are God’s beloved.

ALL: The Spirit is upon us to bring forth justice. Amen.