Busy Person’s Retreat

Prepared by Eleanor Lincoln, CSJ and Catherine Litecky, CSJ
Women at the Well Ministry, St. Paul, MN ©2004

What is a “Busy Person’s Retreat”?

How can you find God in the midst of your busy life?

A “Busy Person’s Retreat” is a way to grow in awareness of self ,others, the world, and God as you ask yourself:
who you are at this moment,
what are you busy about?
how you can get in touch with your true self,
and where you can find God in daily life.

This self-paced retreat gives you a chance to nourish your heart and soul, to find spiritual energy and meaning in your life, and to see where you are on your journey to God. Online guidance lets you make a retreat whenever and wherever you have time and access to a computer.

Taking just a few minutes out of your busy day to tap into your spiritual energy will give you the serenity you long for. While sitting uninterrupted in a quiet space, you can think over a concern or lift your mind and soul to God. This pondering about or reflecting on is sometimes called “meditation.” Meditation is really very simple–quieting the usual “busy-ness” of your mind and spirit.

Before you begin: focus yourself by sitting quietly for a few moments, closing your eyes, and taking some deep breaths. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you to guide you and fill you with peace.