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FAQs Christian Meditation for Rookies

Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Meditation for Rookies

Who is this for?
Christian Meditation for Rookies is intended for any adult who is interested in developing or deepening a relationship with God. While youth and young adults could certainly benefit from the course, we are in the process of developing parallel resources geared more specifically to them.

Is this Christian Meditation as taught by John Main?
Many types of Christian meditation have been developed over the centuries. John Main developed a form of Christian meditation practice based in the repetition of the word maranatha to symbolize our openness to God’s action in us. Centering Prayer as taught by Fr. Thomas Keating and Basil Pennington encourages the use of a sacred word or phrase for the same purpose. These are wonderful meditation forms. Christian Meditation for Rookies uses a variety of methods to help focus the mind. There is no one right way to open ourselves to God, and different methods will be helpful to different people.

Can I download the guided meditation to my computer or tablet?
Yes, you can.

Can I access the course on my phone?
At this point the course is available only on computer, iPad or tablet. If you download the guided meditations to one of these devices, you can then transfer them to your phone and play them.

What is the difference between the CD and the online course?
The twelve audio meditations on the CD are included in the online course. The online course provides significantly more instruction than the CD. While taking the course you can also ask questions of the instructor and participate in online discussion with other course participants.