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Books for Prayer and Spirituality

Catholic Resources – Books for Prayer and Spirituality

An Amazing Journey!

A discussion guide on the universe story.  Features 50 articles by thinkers Thomas Berry, Briane Swimme, Mary Southard, Charlene Spretnak, Michael Dowd, Miriam Therese MacGillis, Bill Moyers, and many more who explore how the universe story is reshaping our lives.  Includes creative exercises, rituals, and poetry.

Spiral bound, 8.5″ x 11″  160 pages  $20.00


Apprenticed to Hope
by Julie E. Neraas

Apprentice yourself to hope and see what it has to teach you, where it can guide you, how it can sustain you, and what meaning it can bring to your life, even in the midst of the most difficult and trying circumstances.



Blessing Rites for Christian Lives
by Shawn Madigan, CSJ
An invaluable source of rituals and blessings for all the seasons of our Christian lives; wakes, weddings, baptisms, and prayer with family and friends.  get a copy for every parish minister!

Soft cover, 6″ x 9″  160 pages  $15.95 $8.00


Cosmos Cards

Cosmos Cards tell the story of creation in 25 stunningly beautiful postcards, each of which reminds us we are loved by the Creator.  Send them to your friends to let them know they, too, are loved.  Use them for meditation alone or in small groups.  Let them inspire your journaling.  Cosmos Cards come in a package of 25.  Buy two sets so you are ready for the person who says, “Where did you get these?”

Pack of 25  $15.00


The Dance of Creation: Labyrinths of Healing Prayer and Art
by Mayr Boros

Author Mayr Boros has survived pancreatic and breast cancer. Her work with art and the labyrinth have provided both focus and healing during her recoveries. Readers will embark on their own remarkable journeys of light in the colors, shapes, paths, and simple words of prayer on these pages.

Soft cover, 8″ x 9.5″ 63 pages $20.00


Like a Swarm of Bees
by Carol Anne O’Marie, CSJ

“You will spread everywhere, like a swarm of bees,” Abbe Piron told the Sisters of St. Joseph, shortly before they left their native France for the New World.   Sister Carol Anne brings the American adventure to life through the eyes of Sister St.Protais, one of the original six missionaries.  Anyone who loves Sisters of St. Joseph will love this book!

Soft cover, 6″ x 9″  299 pages  $11.00


Living Like Francis Today
by Marci Blum, OSF

Six faith-sharing sessions on Franciscan spirituality.  Each session begins and ends with simple prayers from scripture or from the writing of St. Francis.  Reflection questions invite Catholic bible study groups and faith-sharing communities to apply the themes in their lives.

Soft cover, 5″x8″  59 pages  $4.95


Memory and Memoir
by Eleanor Lincoln, CSJ

Memory and Memoir distills the author’s years of teaching memoir writing in workshops and classes.  Follow the reflection and writing suggestions in the eight chapters and you will soon have a portion of your life on paper.

Soft cover, 5″ x 8″  56 pages  $9.95


Secrets of Prayer
by Nancy Corcoran, CSJ

Sister Nancy’s experiences of travel, study, and work in all corners of our world taught her that no one has a corner on the divine.  This practical, easy-to-read book suggests six ways to look for the holy, starting with prayer, meditation, and contemplation.  Ways to pray from other traditions will help you listen to the one-you-seek-who-seeks-you.  This is a great book to read with others who want to enliven their prayer lives, too.

Soft cover, 6″x9″  144 pages   $16.99