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Books By Sisters of St. Joseph

Holy Women, Full of Grace
Praying the Stories of the Women in Mark’s Gospel
by Joan Mitchell, CSJ – Art by Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ

Sister Joan has created a litany for the women in Mark’s Gospel. Sister Ansgar joined the prayer by bringing the women to life with her art. We invite you to join us in prayer and reflection and in adding women in your life to the litany.

Soft cover, 32 pages,  $8.00



Mark’s Gospel: The Whole Story
by Joan Mitchell, CSJ

This 88-page Bible study book provides simple tools for active reading and explores the insights of early oral storytellers. Find out how the bits and bites we hear on Sundays fit together and discover the relevance of Mark’s stories for your life!

Soft cover, 88 pages  $10.00


Beyond Fear and Silence
A Feminist Literary Reading of Mark
by Joan Mitchell, CSJ
Beyond Fear and Silence offers a brilliant interpretation and empowering encouragement to Christian women.  Although the women in Mark’s gospel may be few and often nameless, they play a powerful role in the narrative.  Feminist hermeneutics, as developed by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, address the absence or presence of women in the text.  This literary reading provides a convincing and aesthetically satisfying interpretation of the gospel as a whole.

Soft cover, 6″x9″  144 pages  $14.95


Blessing Rites for Christian Lives
by Shawn Madigan, CSJ

An invaluable source of rituals and blessings for all the seasons of our Christian lives; wakes, weddings, baptisms, and prayer with family and friends.  get a copy for every parish minister!

Soft cover, 6″ x 9″  160 pages  $15.95 $8.00


Secrets of Prayer
by Nancy Corcoran, CSJ

Sister Nancy’s experiences of travel, study, and work in all corners of our world taught her that no one has a corner on the divine.  This practical, easy-to-read book suggests six ways to look for the holy, starting with prayer, meditation, and contemplation.  Ways to pray from other traditions will help you listen to the one-you-seek-who-seeks-you.  This is a great book to read with others who want to enliven their prayer lives, too.

Soft cover, 6″x9″  144 pages   $16.99


New Edition! Faith Sharing With Teens
by Joan Mitchell, CSJ

A how-to must for anyone who leads teens in discussion and faith-sharing.  Includes: How to make a discussion work, skills for facilitation, asking questions, listening, handling typical group problems, and more.

Soft cover, 8″ x 5″  84 pages  $9.95


Like a Swarm of Bees
by Carol Anne O’Marie, CSJ

“You will spread everywhere, like a swarm of bees,” Abbe Piron told the Sisters of St. Joseph, shortly before they left their native France for the New World.   Sister Carol Anne brings the American adventure to life through the eyes of Sister St. Protais, one of the original six missionaries.  Anyone who loves Sisters of St. Joseph will love this book!

Soft cover, 6″ x 9″  299 pages  $16.00


Memory and Memoir
by Eleanor Lincoln, CSJ

Memory and Memoir distills the author’s years of teaching memoir writing in workshops and classes.  Follow the reflection and writing suggestions in the eight chapters and you will soon have a portion of your life on paper.

E-version. 56 pages  $9.95


Prophetic Women of Bold Love
Spiritualities of Non-Violence
by Shawn Madigan, PhD, CSJ
The twenty and more women Sister Shawn profiles represent a variety of countries and religious traditions.  But they are united in the spirituality of non-violence that grounds their lives and their witness to human dignity, reconciliation, and peace.  When you are reaching for a model of how to transform our world, reach for this book.

Soft cover, 6″ x 9″ 220 pages  $20.00


This Really Happened
By Kathleen Judge, CSJ

From Montana to Peru and back again, Kathleen’s 40-year missionary journey, told by a missionary with a gringa face but a Peruvian heart. This is a story of uprooting and replanting that anyone can relate to.



Speaking the Language of Love: Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Japan
By Karen M. Kennelly, CSJ

Karen M. Kennelly, CSJ writes the history of the CSJ mission in Japan in well-researched and personal detail.