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When you order SPIRIT ONLINE you get access to all the issues and teaching guides. You will be able to read issues on your computer, phone or tablet device or download and print them. You need a paid subscription for each teen in your group. Check out an issue from our upcoming 2016-2017 season now!
SPIRIT Scope & Sequence

Check out the SPIRIT ONLINE topics for 2016-17. All 28 issues and guides will be online. You can tailor them to your meeting times and teens' interests. Only SPIRIT ONLINE can add the liturgical dimension to Confirmation programs.

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 SPIRIT Teaching Guide

SPIRIT users love our guides because they put the Gospels in a contemporary context. Read the guide introduction by clicking on the images below.
 SPIRIT Music Xtra

Each week SPIRIT connects a popular song with the Gospel theme and the SPIRIT lesson. A video, key lyrics, and thought-provoking questions will be on the website and blog each week. Below is the Spirit Xtra for the October 2, 2016 issue.
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Guide 29-1

When Justin Timberlake sings out that that he has sunshine in his pocket and a good song in his feet, he is speaking about what makes him move and feel.  Like songs that help us share our feelings, our faith connects us to the people in our lives and the world around us.  Faith in ourselves and our teachers give us the strength to overcome difficult moments and the power to climb mountains.  Faith is yes to God who gives us life and all the diversity of life that has evolved in creation.
Key Lyrics: I got this feeling inside my bones / It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on / All through my city, all through my home / We're flying up, no ceiling, when we in our zone
Questions: What does faith mean to you?  Who do you believe in?  When or how have you experienced God? How is your faith changing as you get older?

Order the 2017-2018 series!

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You will need a paid subscription for each member of your SPIRIT group. Each person will have access to the SPIRIT issues, music videos, social justice updates, and the SPIRIT blog for online conversation. The group leader has access to Teaching Guides at no additional cost. Free CD of issues with order.

Terms and Conditions:
When you purchase SPIRIT ONLINE, you will have permission to reproduce the printed PDFs of each issue up to, but not exceeding, the total number of subscriptions you have purchased. You have permission to share each issue electronically up to, but not exceeding, the total number of subscriptions you have purchased. Purchasing only one subscription does not give you permission to reproduce or share additional copies.

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